Doing business on the internet is what we do

obile Motion, Inc. was created to help ordinary people - like us - connect to the internet. The millennium year of 2000 was a time when the internetdominated business and investment arenas, but unfortunately left out the general public's ability to understand the dramatic changes that were unfolding. Interface, navigation, protocol were being created for big business presentation and venture capital, not for the everyday consumer likely to use it. Mobile Motion is set out to make a change

Ease of Use

Helping businesses utilize the internet

Successful companies worldwide realize that the internet market makes up an integral portion of their overall business. But how do they make it work for them? The Mobile Motion Group has multiple partners that create custom solutions for businesses.

We help small businesses make sense of the internet, create for them an effective website or optimize their current website, initiate a cutting-edge marketing blitz and manage everything in order to obtain a major return ontheir investment.

We help the world's most successful, established, multi-national corporations create highly innovative web branding campaigns, utilizing thevery latest internet marketing technologies as well as highly targeted point-of-sale data and consumer information research. We begin everycampaign with a comprehensive market analysis, evaluation of relevant targetportals and their significance to the client, and a determination ofapplicable internet trends which would further optimize effectiveness.

Retail Website Optimization

We help retail oriented businesses sell products online. We create easy-interface designs with advanced shopping cart solutions as well asoptimize existing websites. We manage highly complex retail marketingcampaigns, aggregating anywhere from 50 to 50,000 units of inventory withall of the latest back end and CC security precautions.

Whether you are a local service company, a professional services provider ora local retail operation, Mobile Motion, Inc. can make your business thrive on the internet.